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Alan Feinerman, Ph.D.: Founder and Chief Technology Officer

feinermanDr. Feinerman is a professor of mechanical, electrical, and bioengineering at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC). He earned his Ph.D. in physics from Northwestern University and is currently pursuing an MBA at the UIC Liautaud Graduate School of Business. Dr. Feinerman's research interests are the development of ultra-low thermal conductivity insulation, enhanced heat transfer, and microfluidics for laboratory on a chip and medical devices. Dr. Feinerman was the director of UIC’s Nanotechnology Core Facility (NCF) from 1998 until 2005. During this period the NCF grew from serving a few UIC departments to being one of the leading MEMS/Nano user facilities in the Midwest. Dr. Feinerman was the 2011 UIC Inventor of the year.